Tuna: Welcome Aboard for Adventure!

Tuna - Starkist - early 1950sAhoy landlubbers, get ready to experience the adventure of life on the high seas withTuna from StarKist. You’ll enjoy ripping yarns of the tuna and sardine fisheries and get tips on seamanship, knot tying and even Morse code. You’ll also be treated to a lifeboat-full of tasty (and not-so-much) recipes including tuna noodle casserole, avocado tuna mold and mackerel loaf.

Don’t miss the amazing fish illustrations and classic 50s line art.

I date this to 1953 based on the fact that the StarKist brand was introduced in that fine year (as was Cheez Whiz, Eggo Waffles and Swanson’s TV Dinners…what a year).

So don’t let your mackerel loaf and get your sea legs on for a voyage of discovery into to the watery part of the world in Tuna.


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