How to Give a Vodka Party – Perhaps the Ultimate in Late-50′s Cool

This is the pamphlet that started it all here at TheVodkaParty. “How to Give a Vodka Party” from Smirnoff, was found in an attic in a musty box where it had lain hidden for years, maybe since its publication in … Continue reading

Fine Cocktails Made Easy – Nice ‘n Easy Does It Every Time

“Fine Cocktails Made Easy,” speaks from the cool, distant and repressed depths of the Eisenhower era. The design is clean, the cocktail recipes are neat (so to speak) and everything seems “above boards.” But what wild desires are seething just … Continue reading

Heinz Magic of Food Show – New York World’s Fair 1964

Barmate – Southern Comfort with Playboy Style – 1964

Barmate is a curious artifact from Southern Comfort that was distributed with the December 1964 issue of Playboy Magazine.  Featuring stunning photography, illustration and mid-60s design, Barmate is really all about the drinks. Join us for a look at some swinging cocktails (not … Continue reading