Just in time for the 4th – Let’s Eat Outdoors – A Mid-50′s Fever Dream of Cookout Kookiness

Let's Eat Outdoors

Let’s Eat Outdoors – The Yankees had Murderers Row, Notre Dame had the four horseman, Cincinnati had the Big Red Machine. Mere amateurs.  Let’s Eat Outdoors has a lineup led by the one and only  SPAM with all-meat Hormel Franks batting “clean up.” Also includes guest appearances by Bisquick, Van Camp/s, Dinty Moore and Nescafe. Don’t miss the amazing retro line art and design, a stunning proclamation from the 50′s top style-maker and a seemingly out-of-place recipe from one of America’s first conservationists. Let’s Eat Outdoors is an unqualified masterpiece! Go to “Let’s Eat Outdoors”


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