God Save the Queen! Celebrate the Diamond Jubilee with the most English of spirits – Gin!

60 years on the throne. And no, I’m not talking about how it felt after overdoing it at Taco Bell last Saturday night.

Queen Elizabeth II - Happy Jubilee Liz!I’m talking about the glorious reign of Queen Elizabeth II of the UK. Not since that curmudgeonly lady on the Bombay Gin bottle, has a British monarch reached such a milestone.

Today begins an even more glorious four-day weekend of gin-soaked celebrations in honor of the stalwart gray lady. And while your humble host here at TheVodkaParty is from a country based on flipping the bird to Kings and Queens of every variety, I’m also from the region of New England. In fact, I’m from the state that’s home to New London, on the fabled Thames river (rhymes with “games” over here).

Oh, and I like gin.

So, in honor of Her Majesty, I’ve included a selection of vintage gin recipes below, many of which would have been imbibed to celebrate young Elizabeth’s coronation.

Drink up, celebrate the idea that you can be qualified as head of state based solely on a happy accident of birth.

And stay queenly my friends!

Gin Recipes from Fleishman’s Mixer’s Manual (Mid 50s)

Note the stunning Joseph Binder illustrations)

Gin for all!

More Gin Recipes

Gin ‘N Tonic  from Barmate (1964)


Gin drinks from Fine Cocktails Made Easy (Early 50s)

I'll have another

And as a parting shot, you can’t go wrong with this more recent, but magnificent, recipe for the perfect Gin and Tonic from blogger Conrad Banks.




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