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Here, we’ll discuss the specifics of loaf hierarchy. At the top of the heap you’ll find paté. It’s French, fancy and definitely an acquired taste. Next in the hearts (and coronary arteries) and minds of Americans, would be the long-time comfort-food fav, Meat Loaf. Now let’s look at the recipes here. First, don’t let the ripe olives fool you – any loaf with olives holds a lesser rung on the loaf ladder. Somewhere near the bottom is Mackerel Loaf, make that CANNED Mackerel Loaf. I’d admit the egg slices on top are a nice touch – they are a great distraction from what’s below. Now imagine, in Forrest Gump how short Bubba’s recitation of all the things you can do with his favorite seafood would have been if he had aspired to be a Mackerel boat captain. Recipes: Ripe Olive Tuna Loaf; Peppers Stuffed with Tuna; Mackerel Loaf and Sardine Cheese Spread.

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