New! Cheez Whiz Pages 6-7

SPOON IT! When it comes to Cheez Whiz the trick is the treat.

Probably due to the economics of color printing at the time, the advertising folks at Kraft made the decision to print half the booklet in full color and the other half in black & white. What this creates is a kind of bi-polar experience as you go from dull and dark sections like this one to glorious golden hues in the next.

Here Cheez Whiz makes the ordinary extraordinary by spooning generous globs of the golden goop on old favorites. You can be the judge on whether it takes these dishes from bland to bold.

Recipes include Cheez Whiz Cheesy Noodle Bake, Cheez Whiz Cheesy Green Beans, Cheez Whiz Cheesy Mashed Potatoes, Cheez Whiz Cheesy Scrambled Eggs, Cheez Whiz Cheesy Baked Beans, Cheez Whiz Cheesy Spanish Rice Cheesy Casserole.

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