New! Cheez Whiz Pages 10-11

HEAT IT! Cheez Whiz heats things up with more scrumptious ways to use the stuff as a sauce.

I think the good folks at the Kraft Kitchen may have gone crazy from the heat.

The first recipe reads like the dinnertime routine of someone with severe OCD. It involves, heating, boiling, reheating, frying, draining and ladling (into croustades made from day-old bread at a precise thickness of 1-1/4 inches). And this is a convenience food?

The obsessiveness continues in the Cheez Whiz Popcorn recipe that insists on tossing the mixture “until every kernel gets a golden coating.”

After some tasty-sounding Cheez-y potatoes, we move on to another nameless recipe, which directs you to make “Individual casseroles.” Is that an oxymoron? In any case, the recipe ends with a topping of bacon, so it can’t be all bad. And it’s “Grand for luncheon or supper.” Their words, not mine.

The remaining recipes (or are they serving suggestions since they’re pretty loosy-goosy?) involve mad mashups of Cheez Whiz, chicken, broccoli, pimentos, biscuits and even pearl onions. And in the days when the only meat Catholics could eat on Friday was none, there’s a shrimpy, Parkay Margarine-drenched delight, bathed in a “grand” cheese sauce – “mighty good for Friday night.”

Recipes include Cheez Whiz and Vegetable Croustades, Fluffy Cheez Whiz Popcorn, Cheez Whiz Diced Potatoes, Cheez Whiz Tomato & Bacon WTF, Friday Night Parkay  & Cheez Whiz Shrimp Delight, Cheez Whiz-On-Hand Plus Broccoli, Cheez Whiz Chicken & Biscuits, Cheez Whiz Over Well-Drained Onions for Dinner.

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