Wine Manners Pages 4-5

Putting the cart before the horse (or the table wine before the aperitif, so to speak) we dive right into the dinner recipes. “Wine always lends a subtle finesse to your cooking.” My grandmother  (a determined teetotaler) wouldn’t have agreed. I remember once mentioning a sauce she had tasted contained wine. She spent the rest of the evening complaining her lips had gone numb.

I digress. The recipes include some tasty suggestions. I like the use of Claret in Meat Loaf.  And you can see that the hurried lives of a mid-century “modern” ran at a slower pace than in the twenty-tweens. The Chicken a la King recipe requires three hours of simmering and the Sauerbraten takes several days of marinating. Nice if you can pull it off. Most of my dinners resemble those improv acts where the audience shouts out humorous situation ideas. Only the situations I’m forced to “riff on” are limited to whatever hasn’t “turned” in the fridge.

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