Wine Manners Pages 15-16

A brief history of Widmer’s Wine Cellars, founded in 1888 by John Jacob [Widmerheimer] Widmer and his young Swiss wife Lisette (perhaps the inspiration for our cover girl?).

Over the years, Widmer’s remained a bastion of traditional wine making: “Here, surrounded by a generation which often sacrifices skill for speed, is an old-world stronghold of the master craftsman, whose vigilance is relaxed only when his appointed task is done.”

And by-the-way, the feckless generation they’re dissing is our parents or grandparents. What would those stalwart craftsmen think of us, or our progeny? I complain that kids today only sit around and play video games when in my day we had to choose one or the other. I think I can sense their disgust from beyond the grave even now.

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