Wine Manners – Front Cover (out of 16)

Wine Manners Front Cover

Wine Manners is from Widmer’s Wine Cellars (no relation to the beer with a similar name), from the rolling wine country of the Finger Lakes region of New York State.

The cover is a work of art. A stunning, dark-haired beauty glances up from behind “Wine Manners” a book within the booklet. Clear blue eyes are fixed in a purposeful, alluring stare. Her cheeks flushed, like a harem girl hidden behind a veil, it only adds to the mystery. She grasps the book dramatically. Something very interesting is about to happen. Unfortunately, it’s not going to happen here.

But what does follow is an enjoyable and remarkably informative primer on wine in all its variety, when to drink it, what to eat with it and more in Wine Manners.

(Note: One reason I think the illustration is so mesmerizing is that it uses the technique that creates the illusion that the eyes follow you no matter what angle you view it from.  Learn how it works here.)

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