Perfect Cocktails Worth Dying For – the Drinks of Danger 5

Danger 5Danger 5 is an Aussie TV Show that was produced between 2011 and 2015 by SBS ( It is perhaps the most audaciously insane show in TV history. Shaken, not stirred, with equal parts 007, The Thunderbirds and Inglorious Basterds, Danger 5 exists in an alternate reality where a scheming Hitler ranges the globe in search of wild world domination through dino-stormtroopers, crooked casinos and even by infiltrating an American high school circa Sixteen Candles. And the only thing between Der Fuhrer and final victory are the cool cats of the Danger 5 team. Stream it at

45But, perhaps the most striking element of Danger 5 (specifically season 1) is the drinks that fuel the commandos in their resistance to the vile dictator.  Imagine the hip highballs of the sixties served with a sidecar of LSD. And the writers are generous enough to share the recipes to some of the swingin’est cocktails (although always at a staggering cost to bartender Pierre).

Now, if you’re [Insert Gender Identity Here] enough, you can join the Danger 5 team.

Here are your orders:

  1. Binge watch Danger 5 on your favorite streaming service (currently only on Daily Motion )
  2. Do it while binge drinking one, and preferably more of the mixed up mixed drinks below.
  3. And of course, as always, kill Hitler

The Drinks

Season 1: Episode One: I Danced for Hitler

The Perfect Fruit Madrid
2 parts Grenadine
1 part  Chartreuse
A pinch of salt
Add a fresh mint …The Perfect Fruit Madrid

The Perfect Heil Hitler




2 parts dark rum
Crushed ginger
Fill with orange soda…The Perfect Heil Hitler

Season 1: Episode Two: Lizard Soldiers of the Third Reich

The Perfect Carlos Sultana





1 part dark rum
1 scoop vanilla ice cream
Fill with creamy soda
Finish with raisins…The Perfect Carlos Sultana

Season 1: Episode Three: Kill-Men of the Rising Sun 
The Perfect Chinese Whisper





1 part rice wine
1 part lychee juice
Pour over crushed ice
Fill with soda…The Perfect Chinese Whisper

More choices:

The Perfect Fruit-Ankhamun
1 part gin
1 part pomegranate syrup
Fill w/ pineapple juice
Serve over crushed ice

The Perfect Swiss Kiss
2 parts creme de cacao
1 part vodka
Pour over crushed ice
Add milk
Finish w/ chocolate flakes

The Perfect Beyond Chunderdome
9 parts vodka
4 parts grape fruit drank
Freeze overnight
Serve in plastic

Cherry Mussolini
1 part Campari
Layered apple juice on top
Tiny prostitutes
Served in a tumbler with ice and umbrella

The Perfect Bongo in Berlin
(cut from pilot
1 part dark rum
Squeeze 1 lime
Fill with ginger ale
served in a beer stein

Enjoy, and as always…hill Hitler!

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