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How to Give a Vodka Party How to give a Vodka Party - The classic promotional pamphlet that inspired this  blog. It captures the essence of ’50s striving for sophistication that seems quaint and kooky today. Beautiful design, crisp and involving copy, and a bar-full of classic cocktail and hors d’oeuvres recipes.  Estimated date of publication: 1959.
Barmate - Southern Comfort - Playboy 1964 Barmate is a curious artifact from Southern Comfort that was distributed in the December 1964 issue of Playboy Magazine.  Featuring stunning photography, illustration and mid-60s design, Barmateis really all about the drinks. Join us for a look at some swinging cocktails (not a single appetizer recipe here) and some history of the original Playboy Clubs and the lives of the real Playboy Bunnies who worked at them. (All images and links are rated TV-14 at the most extreme.) Check out Barmate now!
Wine Manners - Widmer's Wine Cellars - Mid-50s Wine Manners from Widmer’s Wine Cellars introduces the wine neophyte to the exotic world of wine in all its variety and splendor. So forget taking that “Intro to Wine” class at the local community college night school. You’ll learn as much here, and you can spend the tuition money on wine. The cover artwork is astonishing, and the wine info, hints and tips are pretty good tooMind your Wine Manners now.
Beverage Magic Beverage Magic - From White Rock is probably most notable for the stunning illustrations of Psyche, the White Rock Trademark nymph and some “keen and lively” copy describing the many uses of White Rock Mineral Water. Estimated date of publication: 1942
Fine Cocktails Made Easy - National Distillers - Early '50s Fine Cocktails Made Easy – A distinguished and well-designed repository of the top Whisky, Vodka and Gin cocktail recipes from the era of the early ‘50s before even Sinatra started swinging. Read it for the fine recipes, clean graphics, while imagining the lives of the real people who would have consulted it when it was first published.







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