Vodka & Guinness

From “How to Give a Vodka Party

Vodka and Guinness

See the original recipe page.

Haven’t tried this yet, but it seems a bit gratuitous to add a shot to Guinness, even on St’ Paddy’s day. I imagine Guinness would have seemed quite exotic to American drinkers back in 1959, But then again…

Guinness is good for you

Mary Pickford

From Bacardi’s “Your Guide to Wonderful Cocktails” – Mid-50s (Coming soon to TheVodkaParty.com)

Mary Pickford Cocktail

Named for the silent screen legend and co-founder of United Artists, this sweet and fruity concoction is worthy of “America’s Sweetheart.”

This is from a glorious Bacardi guide from the mid-50s which we’ll be posting soon. We’re posting this recipe now in honor of our pick to sweep the Oscars, The Artist.

So tomorrow night, sip a “Mary Pickford” and root for the first silent movie to win the Best Picture Oscar since Wings was the first, and last, silent film to win Best Picture accolades.

Apple Knocker

From “How to Give a Vodka Party” – 1959

Apple Knocker from "How to Give a Vodka Party" - 1959

See the original recipe page.

Growing up, “Apple Knocker” meant a New England redneck to me. It turns out the phrase comes from the traveling apple pickers who would “knock” the apples out of the trees.  As drinks go, I think the Smirnoff version is a little too simple, even for a “rustic.” Try this more elaborate version.

Apple Knocked?


Maple Nut Milk (non-alcoholic)

From “Let’s Eat Outdoors” – Mid-50s

 Maple Nut Milk from Let's Eat Outdoors

See the original recipe page.

Happy Presidents’ Day – I’m in Quebec now, and this was the only recipe we have that includes maple, well imitation maple flavoring. But I won’t be drinking any milk.

Quebec is perhaps the greatest place on earth. Amazing strong beers, all the poutine you can eat and francophones who love snowmobile racing. C’est Magnifique

But I think they may be going too far.

And it’s the women’s curling championship!


Highballs – a la White Rock

From “Beverage Magic” – Early 40s

White Rock Highballs

See the original recipe page

Making great highballs is easy as 1-2-3 with White Rock! What caught my attention here is the note that “You don’t need to stir a White Rock drink…Super-Charged White Rock stirs itself – then provides a continuous follow of bubbles to the very end of your drink.” What could be easier?

It's Super-Charged


From “How to Give a Vodka Party“  – 1959

Bullshot - from How to Give a Vodka Party

See the original recipe page.

When you’re Smirnoff, you’re going to find every possible mixer for vodka, but beef bouillon?

In fact, it’s what Rodney Dangerfield orders at the bar in Caddyshack.

Dangerfield orders a bullshot in Caddyshack

Listen here:

This fine cocktail (with a few embellishments) is a also staple at the classic NYC Steakhouse Ben Benson’s. Try it over ice or steaming hot.

Whiskey Collins

From “Fine Cocktails Made Easy” – Early 50s

Whiskey Collins Recipe

See the original recipe page

An interesting variant on a favorite cocktail, but good luck finding any Old Sunny Brook to mix it up with.

Old Sunny Brook Kentucky Whiskey

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