Beverage Magic – Meet Psyche, White Rock’s Racy “Mascot”

Beverage Magic - White Rock - 1942

In Greek Mythology, Psyche was a young woman of incandescent beauty who caught the eye of Eros (the testosterone-fueled, Greek version of the Roman god Cupid). As you can probably guess it didn’t end well. But, thankfully, Psyche found a second life as the scantily-clad symbol of White Rock’s line of mineral water and other mixers as you’ll see in this charming promotional pamphlet. Perhaps the most amazing aspect of Beverage Magic are the borderline-NSFW illustrations of the beautiful nymph who works her magic on stir-free highballs and other cocktail recipes. You’ll also find asides on the history of White Rock and the changing, er, face of Psyche over the years.  Estimated date of publication: 1942 Go to Beverage Magic


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